Orb Weaver or Garden Spder

Orb Weaver or Garden Spider. Pest Control in Lehi Utah

Found her hanging out in some bushes in Lehi Utah! Orb Weaver's are great spiders to have around since they are not dangerous to humans, and are great predators to other bugs!

Orange Cat-Faced Spider

Cat Faced Spider. Pest Control in Salt Lake City Utah

A Cat-Faced Spider may try and bite you if handled, but normally is unable to puncture the skin. Another non threatening spider to humans. :)

Black Widow

Black Widow Spider Pest Control in Clearfield Utah

Contrary to popular belief, a bite from a Black Widow Spider is very unlikely to kill human. Black Widows prefer dark, inactive corners to make their nests. This one was taken in Clearfield Utah.

Black Widow in North Salt Lake Utah

Black Widow Spider. Pest Control in North Salt Lake Utah

This spider had made her home underneath a fall decoration basket by the front door. 

Woodlouse Spider

Woodlouse Spider. Pest Control in Centerville Utah

Maybe one of the scariest looking spiders, the Woodlouse spider is nothing to be afraid. The big looking fangs are used to take care of pill bugs mostly. This guy was found in Centerville Utah.

Yellow Sac Spiders

Group of Yellow Sac Spiders. Pest Control in Hooper Utah

This Group of Yellow Sac Spiders were found inside of a Mud Dauber nest treated in Hooper Utah! The Mud Daubers paralyze the spiders and shove them in to their nest for their future larvae to feed on them.

Widow in Fruit Heights Utah

Widow Spider. Pest Control in Fruit Heights Utah

A female Black Widow Spider will often kill and eat her mate. This Widow was found in a crawl space in Fruit Heights Utah.

Black Widow Farmington Utah

Pest Control in Farmington Utah Black Widow

Did you know that Farmington Utah is ranked the #1 city in Utah to have the most Black Widows? Did I just make that number up? Yeah probably.

Black Widow in Layton Utah

Pest Control on Black Widow in Layton Utah

Black Widow in East Layton Utah.

Wolf Spider in Herriman Utah

Pest Control Company finds giant wolf spider in Herriman Utah

A female Wolf Spider can lay around 100 eggs, and she then carries the babies on her back until they are mature enough to pay rent, or move out!


Baby Garter Snake

Baby Garter Snake. Pest Control in North Salt Lake Utah

Snakes are great friends to have around. They do a great job in managing the rodent and other pest activity! This little guy was found in North Salt Lake Utah.

Snake Friend

Snake in the wood. Pest Control Kaysville Utah

Can you find the friend poking is head out to say hi?

Yellow Bellied Racer

Yellow Bellied Racer. Pest Control in Kaysville Utah

Here's another picture of the snake in the previous picture. He was much larger than anticipated! Found in Kaysville Utah

Another Picture of the Yellow Bellied Racer in Kaysville Utah

Yellow Bellied Racer found in Kaysville Utah

He finally popped his head out and I was able to get a quick picture of the yellow underside. They don't call them "Racers" for nothing. This guy was fast!

Various Others!

Bed Bugs

Pest Control performed on Bed Bugs in Park City Utah. Pest Control in Park City Utah

Bed Bugs found in an apartment complex in Park City Utah. Not the best roommates to have!

Blue Dragonfly

Blue Dragonfly. Pest Control in Bountiful Utah

Using a little basket formed by it's legs, a single Dragonfly can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in just one day! They have also been know to eat other insects as well such as Moths, Butterflies, Bees ect.

Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis. Pest Control North Salt Lake Utah

Is it "Praying Mantis" because their front legs seem to be positioned a manner of prayer.... or is it "Preying Mantis" because they are such great predators? You decide! (Just kidding science already decided. It's "Praying.")


Katydid insect. Pest Control in Farmington Utah

It had been awhile since I had found a Katydid. Most likely because they are most active during the night. They eat mostly leaves and grass. This one was spotted in Farmington Utah.

Thread Waisted Wasp

Thread Waisted Wasp. Pest control in Kaysville Utah

I wouldn't get to close to these guys if I were you. The Thread Waisted Wasps are very closely related to the Mud Daubers. They build their burrows in loose dirt in the ground, and drag immobilized prey down the hole!

Western Horse Fly

Western Horse Fly, Pest Control in Clearfield Utah

A female Horse Fly will slice off a layer of skin and the lick the blood from a warm blooded animal. Or human!